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Various software development projects

Small Building System - Lindab Ltd., Hungary

Construction CAD drawings, development of a VBA application for parts lists.

In 1999 I developed for Lindab Ltd. an application for their Small Building System. At first I made all of the necessary construction drawings, then developed an Excel application for the automated generation of parts lists.

SBS application main interface

Data management system - Terc Ltd., Hungary

Processing of building-firms dates, developing of a complex data management system.

In May 2000 I processed for Terc Ltd. the dates of building-firms and I developed a data management system to handle it. The system had to hold together but through the special condition of the firms it is personalized.

These applications form the part of a CD annex to the book "Steel structure halls" from Dr. György Seregi.

Application interface

Custom management system - Szimikron Ltd., Hungary

Planning and realizing of an individual Access database system.

In August 2000 I planned and developed a personalized and complex custom managing system for the individual demands of Szimikron Ltd. It manages all of the custom dates of the Ltd., it makes out automatically the required schedules, and indexes.

The application is absolutely user-friendly, easy to use.

Application interface

User interface study - Bocad Software Ltd., Germany

Design and implementation of a Visual Basic user interface for feasibility studies.

In December 2000 I designed and implemented a test user interface for Bocad Ltd. In this wise it is possibly to test the user interfaces in the beginning phase of the programming, if needed the changes can be made quickly and easily.

Interface study

Veszélyes hulladék lerakók

Mérnöki szakipari szerkezetek tanulmány.

Online edition (1998_01)

Bocad multimédia

"Acélcsarnok tervezés, valamint burkolat készítése a Bocad tervező programmal " című multimédiás anyagom.

Online edition (1998_10 - 1998_12)


Megtekintheted az acélcsarnokomról készített videofilmemet.

Animation [.rm] (1999_01)

Acélszerkezeti mintapéldák az Eurocode szabványhoz

Acélszerkezeti mintapéldák az Eurocode szabványhoz, angol nyelvű mintapéldák alapján.

PDF edition (1999_05)


H&H csibe Kecskemét

Online edition (2000_02)


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